My Cardigan Welsh Corgi is NOT a Chiweenie – video

*  BREAKING NEWS:  my cardigan welsh corgi is NOT a chiweenie

Watch Talk Share – my original video

Hello everyone!  I adopted Charlie from a shelter last month, and he was listed as a chihuahua dachshund mix = chiweenie.

However, a dog specialist informed me on our walk recently that he is definitely a corgi, nothing to do with a dachshund.  We immediately returned home to watch the Dogs 101 video about corgis and quickly identified with the cardigan welsh corgi.  That’s Charlie!

This video also mentions the welsh corgi as ‘fun fun fun’ and we could not agree more.  Apparently they almost became extinct and are a rare breed.  Luckily, the shelter misclassified or else he would have been snapped up right away.

Charlie is a wonderful edition to our family and my little shih tzu puppy, Gisela, adores him.  She chases him around the house, and they are best friends.

Charlie is very handsome, and a great guard dog as well.  He barks at anything, even dogs across the street.

We won lotto with Charlie.  Hope this helps any other owners with incorrect breed classification.

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